Rob Sistek

Although his career has been mainly working in the building maintenance field, his true passion is poking holes in people. Rob completed his apprenticeship in 2005 but, the inconsistency in pay made it difficult for a single parent to make ends meet so, he fixes restaurants to pay the bills and pierces for fun – really, it’s the best of both world’s and Rob loves it! Rob is long time friends with Mark & Dawn and has been patronizing Art FX since his first tattoo. He is comfortable with any piercing, as well as helping out with piercing injuries or problems. In his free time, you can find him riding his Harley, working in the yard, or napping on the couch. He’s also a huge Star Wars fan and loves cartoons & video games.

“I look forward to working with you so, come in and let me give you some new holes, or I can do something with your old ones.” ~ Rob

Rob’s hours: Wednesday & Friday 6:30pm-9pm; Saturday 12pm-9pm

Sydney Sexton

Welcome our new piercer, Sydney!
More info coming on Sydney soon

Piercing Hours

Tuesday & Thursday: 3-8pm
Friday: 6-9:30pm
Saturday: 12-9pm
Sunday: 1-5pm
Hours subject to change, call to check availability